Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 3

The further the recording sessions proceed, the more we begin to understand what is actually happening here. The guitars are done now and we'll start recording the bass tomorrow morning. When recording the guitars we tried different effects and reworked some guitar parts. Some songs got a new atmosphere now and it really did them good.

We've just listened to everything we've brought to tape so far and we find this to be our best effort so far. In a way we've finally found our own musical language to communicate in and when trying to describe these new tunes we mostly call bands that are either connected with the term "grunge" or with the term "shoegaze". So you could say it's all revolving around the year 1990 (that's when we were 3 years old).
We're also busy discussing the title for the album. There are some serious ideas, but at this point we rather keep it to ourselves.

Who's gonna keep track of all the cables and switches? It's so good to have the genius of Robin Völkert with us. He's playing an important role in the making of this record and we couldn't be grateful enough for that.

These boys know how to keep a kitchen tidy.

This picture is meant to make you curious. There's going to be one song to worship the great band My Bloody Valentine and here's Deni recording the foundation for it.

Good night everyone. If you're staying awake for no reason, then listen to these lovely tunes.

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  1. Klingt experimentell, find ich gut. Besonders die My Bloody Valentine Einflüsse! Bin sehr gespannt!