Saturday, February 14, 2009


All right, our record-release-party is getting closer and closer. Time to write some words on that. To us, this is a very special show! For longer than two years we toured through Europe only with our Wolves 7". On March 27th we will finally have our full length album and play our new songs for the very first time. Needless to say, we are excited about the reactions on our new songs.
Now that I am living with our new record for quite a while, I guess I can say I am truly happy with it and I think we produced that specific record that we wanted to produce. Of course, this doesn't mean we couldn't have done any better, but I guess imperfections have always been a part of this band.
For those who collect vinyl we will have a record-release-show-edition of our new LP with silver spray-paint on the cover limited to – well, I don't know, yet. I've also found a box with a handful of our Precious Times LP. So for those who don't own this historical document of Ritual in early 2006, be quick and get this record on March 27th for only 5 Euros. And if that wasn't enough, I've found even less LPs of the sampler Hardcore Breakout BRD, which contains a previously unreleased remastered version of our smash-hit Saints. We will sell these last pieces for 5 Euros, as well.
Right after the release-show we'll be touring through Europe with our new album. This is also the first tour with our new line-up. Can't wait for that. Maybe I'll post some tour impressions on this blog.

See you soon.