Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Asleep at the wheel

We had a car accident last weekend. We played in Weißwasser near the Polish border on the other side of Germany and had to bring back our rented van in time, so we had to drive home over night. At 6 in the morning the driver fell asleep and we hit the guardrail. Fortunately no one of us got hurt, except for our fill-in bassplayer Michael who passed out for a moment. Meanwhile he is fine again.
Actually we didn’t want to talk about this incident on the internet, because we wanted to avoid internet gossip and because we think it is really not that bad, as we’re all in the best of health. But the problem is the driver wasn’t insured, so we’re a total wreck, financially.

Although this is just a drop in the bucket, we would appreciate any kind of support such as buying shirts for 2 Euros more than usual. So if you’d like to get some stuff in order to support us, please get in touch:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Somewhere in the Rain

These days we are busy finishing the songwriting process for our new LP and in less than a month we are hitting the studio again. Almost two years ago we recorded the Wolves 7"; needless to say, we are totally excited about it all. And I guess I can say I am barely thinking about anything else but the recordings, unless I'm listening to Sonic Youth.

The record will be called Beneath Aging Flesh and Bone and up to this point I think the title sums up the content of the record quite well. The album is supposed to contain 10 songs, four of which are already recorded as demos in a small studio (The Ghost Is You, Guilt Will Get You Anyway, Somewhere in the Rain and Clouds), but we promised ourselves to never ever release these versions of the songs. And to those who are curious about how the record is going to sound - I can only tell from my own impressions, which may not be correct - I think this is the darkest we have ever been. Plus, we are coming closer to becoming a rock band.

As many people keep asking: It is not decided yet which label is going to release the CD/LP. We'll let you know as soon as these things are settled.

Next weekend we have two Germany shows coming up:
September 19th, Jugendzentrum Ennigerloh
September 20th, AJZ Garage, Weißwasser
If you're living somewhere near, be there please.

Philipp & Ritual

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, we finally made it on here, too.

You see, we are pretty zeitgeisty (I have to laugh about the fact that is word actually exists): We have just started our own blog. I thought this was a good idea to publish some news about the band, along with some tour diaries or whatever is striking us. We are sending out so many myspace-bulletins, but I always keep thinking that probably they are on everyone's page 3 or whereever just 15 minutes after posting. So these articles are going to last. If you wish to get in email-contact with us write to And by the way, this blog is maintained by me, Philipp, drummer. Thank you for your interest in our band.