Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's the end of a year (there's another one coming!)

2010 was (and still is) a very pleasant year for us as a band. In March we played in Greece for the first time and then went on a European tour with ILLS from Finland. In summer and autumn we played a whole bunch of single shows. But most important we spent a lot of time working on new songs. This year ends with two killer shows, so make sure you're going to be there:

04.12. Burning Ice Fest, Mönchengladbach
18.12. Pazzo Shows Fest, Hannover

We're still busy finishing the songwriting for our new album. The studio is booked for the end of December and from then on we'll just see how long it's gonna take. We are totally excited about where these new songs are taking us to. It differs a lot from everything we've done before.
The two songs from Kissing Pavement were written during the songwriting process for the album, but they were chosen to be put on that 7", so they'd be deleted from the album. They just wouldn't fit on the album.
It's not that easy to say how this is going to end up, but it's going to be a hardcore record, that's for sure. Nevertheless, there are weird references we've been throwing at each other's heads such as The Doors, Quicksand, Blumfeld, Neu! or Nirvana. There aren't many rock riffs though. The new songs seem like an exploration of the question: Can beauty exist on a hardcore record next to the anger and nihilism? I'm not sure, if we'll be able to answer this question, but then again the unsolved questions are always the most interesting ones.

Meanwhile, I'd like to recommend this fabulous tune:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MySpace keeps digging its own grave

Everytime I log into our band account on myspace.com I get the impression something is even worse than the time before. Now they have launched a new version and it's just getting more awful. So once more here's our demand to follow us on Facebook rather than on MySpace, as we won't log in to that shithole that often anymore.
For urgent cases contact us through philippjwulf@googlemail.com

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Thank you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reflections Records on the road

Here's our first tour announcement for 2011: From March 17 till March 27 we'll be hitting the road with the REFLECTIONS RECORDS package. The line-up features NO TURNING BACK, RITUAL, DEAL WITH IT, NEW MORALITY and MIDNIGHT SOULS (on selected dates). Most dates are either already set or comfirmed but if you're interested in booking this package, please get in touch with STRONGER BOOKINGS (strongerbookings@gmail.com).

On another note, we are working really hard on the new album. I'll get back to this in another blog entry very soon.