Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 2

"Grander than castles, cathedrals or stars:
Electric guitars"

Prefab Sprout, 1997

Recording the drums and editing the drum tracks is like looking at skeletons. Even if the rhythm hits you there's no soul in it. So when we finished the drums today, we were happy to get over this first stage of development.
Deni found a suitable guitar sound very quickly. I guess, that's the part that is going to separate the new album from all our previous work. The new songs are not working with the big riff or the huge and brute sound. Now there are some subtle and not so subtle harmonies in our sound that were asking for an appropriate sound. So it was a natural progression to employ kind of a "grungy" sound.
However, listening to the first songs with a recorded guitar track was a satisfying experience to us. At this point, we are happy about the way things are taking shape.

After recording the lead guitars we are planning to add lots of effect guitars to our sound. That's pretty much the plan for tomorrow.

Here's Robin accusing us of sounding like Silverchair. We assure you we are not!

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