Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Things Must Pass

Dear friends,

seven years is a long time. After giving it a good thought we have decided to break up. Let's do without these cheesy last words. We don't think we need to explain how much this meant to us and why we were doing it. When we started this band, we were still teenagers. Now we feel this band is coming to a natural end and that's pretty much it, although it may sound too simple.

It goes without saying that all of us are continuing to play music. Julian started a new hardcore band as a guitarist and they already have the studio booked for this summer. Pascal's and Philipp's punk band Messer already puts out its first album »Im Schwindel« this May. And Deni jams around in Berlin with various people and drinks lots of whiskey. However, we are still friends and are following each other's musical activities with huge interest.

That being said, our summer tour with Verse and Soul Control is now our farewell tour. After the tour we're going to play one last show in Recklinghausen in September and then it's done. It'd be great to see many of you at these shows! We'd like to make it a cautious farewell.

Thank you for everything! It's been a joyful ride.

Julian, Deni, Pascal & Philipp (Spring 2012)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laserlife Benefit Compilation

We're included on a download benefit sampler next to some other great bands. All proceeds are donated to a project that helps street children in Honduras. Get the sampler here:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Iberic tour in pictures

Some pictures from our Iberic tour with OATHBREAKER.

Barcelona: Finally catching some sleep after two days and a sleepless night.

Barcelona the other morning: View from the balcony.

Stopping somewhere to get some gas.

Big bull is watching you.

Walking through Lisbon in the late afternoon.

At Adorno's rehearsal space after the police had shut down the actual show.

Lukas Love and Jimmy the Boxer.

Pictures don't lie.

Can't remember where this was taken. Vigo maybe?

San Sebastian.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spain Retrospect

This Sunday we got back from our first tour for 2012 that brought us to Spain and Portugal. Being accompanied by OATHBREAKER from Belgium this tour was big fun. We would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible. We had a great time!

While still being on the road Avocado already announced our upcoming summer tour with VERSE and SOUL CONTROL. Check out the dates below and make sure we'll see each other somewhere:

23.07.12 Austria, Wien @ Aera
24.07.12 Germany, München @ Feierwerk
25.07.12 Switzerland, Zürich @ Dynamo Werk 21
26.07.12 Italy, Milano @ Into The Pit Festival
27.07.12 Germany, Karlsruhe @ Gotec Hoffestival
28.07.12 Germany, Bausendorf @ Riez Open Air
29.07.12 Germany, Lichtenstein @ Jz Riot
30.07.12 Germany, Braunschweig @ B 58
31.07.12 Germany, Berlin @ Bi Nuu
01.08.12 Poland, Warsaw @ Radio Luxembourg
02.08.12 Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang
03.08.12 Belgium, Knokke-Heist @ Zaal Ravelingen
04.08.12 Germany, Köln @ Allschools Fest