Sunday, July 31, 2011

The first week of tour is done.

It's being great! We have three weeks left, which means you've got lots of possible shows to go to. Check the dates above to see, if your town is on our route. Soul Control is such an awesome band to tour with. They're unbelievably funny AND nice guys AND they're an awesome band! Listen to them!

Right now we're hanging out at Hafenklang, Hamburg and wait for the show to start. Our tour meets up with The Carrier, All Teeth and Landscapes today. Tomorrow we have our only off day since our first Sweden-show got cancelled. After that we're heading to Stockholm and hope to be able to jump in some of these amazingly beautiful lakes that adorn the roads to Stockholm.

See you somewhere along the way.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bis an die Grenzen uns'rer Physik

Wir sind unterwegs
unterwegs zur Musik
bis an die Grenzen
uns'rer Physik
Wir bringen sie zum klingen
Sie bringt uns durcheinander
Wir versteh'n sie so wenig
wie wir uns untereinander
denn in manchen Momenten
ist sie für eine Weile
mehr als die Summe der einzelnen Teile
Wir leben von einem Glauben
der unserer Gegenwart

Kante, 2001

Next Friday we are leaving for our longest tour so far: We are playing 31 shows in 30 days (indeed we are playing two shows on one day)! We are so excited, we don't even know if it's pleasant anticipation or fear or both of them. However, we cannot wait to play our new songs to so many people all over Europe. Please take a look at the tourdates, come around if you can and bring your friends. SOUL CONTROL are touring with us and they're awesome!

22.07.2011 Belgium, Kontich @ Lintfabriek
23.07.2011 Belgium, As @ Vlamrock
24.07.2011 Czech Republic, Rokycany @ Fluff Fest
25.07.2011 Germany, Dresden @ Chemiefabrik
26.07.2011 Austria, Höchst @ Juz Chillout
27.07.2011 Germany, Freiburg @ KTS
28.07.2011 Italy, Milano-Arese @ SGA
29.07.2011 Germany, Stuttgart @ Juha West
30.07.2011 Belgium, Mol @ Break Out Fest
31.07.2011 Germany, Hamburg @ Rote Flora
01.08.2011 Sweden, Norrköping @ Kulturhus
02.08.2011 Sweden, Stockholm @ Cafe Kupan
03.08.2011 Sweden, Lund @ Hemgarden
04.08.2011 Denmark, Frederica @ Fredericia Hardcore Festival
05.08.2011 Germany, Münster @ Sputnik Café
06.08.2011 Germany, Köln @ Underground (supporting Defeater)
07.08.2011 Germany, Trier @ Ex-Haus (supporting Youth of Today)
08.08.2011 UK, Brighton @ The Hydrant
09.08.2011 UK, Exeter @ Cavern
10.08.2011 UK, Huddersfield @ The Parish
11.08.2011 UK, London @ The Underworld (supporting Strife)
12.08.2011 Belgium, Ieper @ Ieper Fest
13.08.2011 Germany, Schneverdingen @ Move Your Ass Festival
13.08.2011 Germany, Hannover @ The Rise Fest
14.08.2011 Poland, Lodz @ Dekompresja Club (supporting Sheer Terror)
15.08.2011 Austria, Wien @ Escape
16.08.2011 Slovakia, Kosice @ Colloseum Club
17.08.2011 Austria, Steyr @ Röda (supporting Hot Water Music)
18.08.2011 Germany, Leipzig @ 4 Rooms
19.08.2011 Germany, Hohenstein @ Voice of Art Festival
20.08.2011 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia

For now enjoy this classic video:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

'The Great Decay'

Today we give you another song off "Paper Skin". This one's the opener track called "The Great Decay". It is a very important song to us since this one pretty much set the pace for the writing process of "Paper Skin". After writing this song things didn't seem to be the same.

If you like what you hear, please share this with your friends. Thank you!

The Great Decay by Ritual