Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Swords — Discography-Download

Quite a while before we started RITUAL back in 2005, some of us played in a band called THE SWORDS. It was pretty hectic, chaotic and fast hardcore with outspoken, yet ironic and provocative lyrics.

I recently uploaded our complete recorded work for our singer and I just thought we could share this with everyone who's interested. So feel free to download this: »click!«

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Complete list of shows

29.09.2012 Germany, Recklinghausen @ AKZ w/ Patsy O'Hara, The Bearer
04.08.2012 Germany, Köln @ Allschools Fest, Underground w/ Verse, Soul Control, No Turning Back, AYS, ...
03.08.2012 Belgium, Knokke-Heist @ Leviathan Fest, Zaal Ravelingen w/ Verse, Soul Control, Rise and Fall, Oathbreaker, ...
02.08.2012 Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang w/ Verse, Soul Control, Anchor
01.08.2012 Poland, Warsaw @ Radio Luxembourg w/ Verse, Soul Control
31.07.2012 Germany, Berlin @ Bi Nuu w/ Verse, Soul Control, Anchor, Reign Supreme
30.07.2012 Germany, Braunschweig @ B 58 w/ Verse, Soul Control, Anchor
29.07.2012 Germany, Lichtenstein @ Jz Riot w/ Verse, Soul Control, Vengeance Today
28.07.2012 Germany, Bausendorf @ Riez Open Air w/ Verse, Soul Control, Against Me, Pianos Become the Teeth, Agnostic Front, ...
27.07.2012 Germany, Karlsruhe @ Gotec Hoffestival w/ Verse, Soul Control, Pianos Become the Teeth, ...
26.07.2012 Italy, Milano @ Into The Pit Festival w/ Verse, Soul Control, Deez Nuts, Set Your Goals, ...
25.07.2012 Switzerland, Zürich @ Dynamo Werk 21 w/ Verse, Soul Control, Reign Supreme
24.07.2012 Germany, München @ Feierwerk w/ Verse, Soul Control
23.07.2012 Austria, Wien @ Aera w/ Verse, Soul Control, Anchor
22.07.2012 Czech Republic, Rokycany @ Fluff Fest w/ Verse, Soul Control, The Tidal Sleep, AYS, Trapped Under Ice, ...
21.07.2012 Belgium, As @ Vlamrock w/ Verse, Soul Control, Defeater, Midnight Souls, ...
25.02.2012 France, Bordeaux @ Lectures Aléatoires w/ Oathbreaker, Selenites
24.02.2012 Spain, Bilbao @ Gaztetxe Deusto w/ Oathbreaker
23.02.2012 Spain, A Coruña @ Filomatic w/ Oathbreaker
22.02.2012 Spain, Vigo @ La Fábrica de Chocolate w/ Oathbreaker
21.02.2012 Portugal, Porto @ Ex-Bar Underground w/ Oathbreaker
20.02.2012 Portugal, Lisbon @ Coop Post w/ Oathbreaker
19.02.2012 Spain, Madrid @ Barracudas w/ Oathbreaker
18.02.2012 Spain, Badalona @ Estraperlo w/ Oathbreaker
17.02.2012 Belgium, Maaseik @ JH Fuego w/ Oathbreaker, Lothorian, Blade, ...
27.11.2011 Germany, Bremen @ G18 w/ Patsy O'Hara, Autistic Youth, Defect Defect
26.11.2011 Germany, Weimar @ Gerber 3 w/ Patsy O'Hara, Cobretti, Underparts
25.11.2011 Germany, Köln @ Aetherblissement w/ Patsy O'Hara, The Tourist
13.11.2011 Germany, Hamburg @ Rote Flora w/ Rise and Fall, Trainwreck, Oathbreaker, Hessian
12.11.2011 Belgium, Mol @ JH Tydeeh w/ Rise and Fall, Reproach, Oathbreaker, Hessian
11.11.2011 Netherlands, Utrecht @ dB's Studio w/ Rise and Fall, This Routine Is Hell, Oathbreaker, Hessian
21.10.2011 Germany, Bielefeld @ AJZ w/ Goldust, Deathrite
20.08.2011 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia w/ Soul Control, Together
19.08.2011 Germany, Hohenstein @ Voice of Art Festival w/ Soul Control, In Circles, ...
18.08.2011 Germany, Leipzig @ 4 Rooms w/ Soul Control, Empty Handed, Vengeance Today
17.08.2011 Austria, Steyr @ Röda w/ Hot Water Music, Soul Control, Make Do and Mend
16.08.2011 Slovakia, Kosice @ Colloseum Club w/ Soul Control
15.08.2011 Austria, Wien @ Escape w/ Soul Control
14.08.2011 Poland, Lodz @ Dekompresja Club w/ Sheer Terror, Soul Control
13.08.2011 Germany, Hannover @ The Rise Fest w/ Soul Control, Death is not Glamorous, Cheap Girls, Lemuria, ...
13.08.2011 Germany, Schneverdingen @ Move Your Ass Festival
12.08.2011 Belgium, Ieper @ Ieper Fest w/ Soul Control, Cheap Girls, Death is not Glamorous, Touche Amore, La Dispute, Lemuria, ...
11.08.2011 UK, London @ The Underworld w/ Strife, Soul Control, Stick to Your Guns
10.08.2011 UK, Huddersfield @ The Parish w/ Soul Control
08.08.2011 UK, Brighton @ The Hydrant w/ Soul Control, Death is not Glamorous, Touche Amore, La Dispute
07.08.2011 Germany, Trier @ Ex-Haus w/ Youth of Today, Soul Control, All Teeth, The Carrier, Landscapes
06.08.2011 Germany, Köln @ Underground w/ Soul Control, Defeater, Stick to Your Guns, CDC, ...
05.08.2011 Germany, Münster @ Sputnik Café w/ Soul Control, Death is not Glamorous, Touche Amore, La Dispute
04.08.2011 Denmark, Frederica @ Fredericia Hardcore Festival w/ Soul Control, Ceremony, All Teeth, The Carrier, Landscapes, Stick to Your Guns
03.08.2011 Sweden, Lund @ Hemgarden w/ Soul Control, Beyond Pink
02.08.2011 Sweden, Stockholm @ Cafe Kupan w/ Soul Control
31.07.2011 Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang w/ Soul Control, All Teeth, The Carrier, Landscapes
30.07.2011 Belgium, Mol @ Break Out Fest w/ Soul Control, Ceremony, Blind to Faith, ...
29.07.2011 Germany, Stuttgart @ Juha West w/ Soul Control, Death is not Glamorous, Touche Amore, La Dispute
28.07.2011 Italy, Milano-Arese @ SGA w/ Soul Control
27.07.2011 Germany, Freiburg @ KTS w/ Soul Control, Accept the Change
26.07.2011 Austria, Höchst @ Juz Chillout w/ Soul Control, Accept the Change
25.07.2011 Germany, Dresden @ Chemiefabrik w/ Soul Control, Accept the Change
24.07.2011 Czech Republic, Rokycany @ Fluff Fest w/ Soul Control, Ceremony, Raein, Unveil, ...
23.07.2011 Belgium, As @ Vlamrock w/ Soul Control, Death is not Glamorous, Touche Amore, La Dispute, All Teeth, ...
22.07.2011 Belgium, Kontich @ Lintfabriek w/ Soul Control, Not Afraid, Strength Approach
25.06.2011 Germany, Berlin @ Tommy Haus w/ AYS, Midnight Souls
24.06.2011 Germany, Essen @ Panic Room w/ AYS, Midnight Souls
30.04.2011 Finland, Lappeenranta @ Lucky Monkeys w/ Ills, Madred
29.04.2011 Finland, Petäjävesi @ Feeniks w/ Ills, Rains, New Waters, No Heroes
28.04.2011 Finland, Turku @ Klubi w/ Ills, Throat, Get Stitches
27.04.2011 Finland, Helsinki @ Semifinal w/ Ills, Rains
27.03.2011 Netherlands, Den Bosch @ W2 w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality, Midnight Souls
26.03.2011 Germany, Rosswein @ Jugendhaus  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality, Midnight Souls
25.03.2011 Germany, Erfurt @ E-Burg  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality
24.03.2011 Germany, München @ Sunny Red  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality
23.03.2011 Austria, Salzburg @ Rockhouse Bar  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality
22.03.2011 Germany, Karlsruhe @ Stadtmitte  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality
21.03.2011 France, Bordeaux @ Heretic Club  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality
20.03.2011 France, Paris @ Péniche Alternat  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality, Midnight Souls, Nine Eleven
19.03.2011 Belgium, Mol @ Jeugdhuis Tydeeh  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality, Midnight Souls
18.03.2011 Germany, Ibbenbüren @ Scheune  w/ No Turning Back, Deal With It, New Morality, Midnight Souls, Glasses
18.12.2010 Germany, Hannover @ Pazzo Shows Fest w/ AYS, Coldburn, Midnight Souls, Detroit, The Waste of Effort
04.12.2010 Germany, Mönchengladbach @ Burning Ice Fest w/ AYS, No Turning Back, Dean Dirg, Settle the Score, Sniffing Glue, At Daggers Drawn, ...
12.11.2010 Germany, Aachen @ AZ w/ Glasses, Man the Change, Knifefight
05.11.2010 Belgium, Lendelede @ JH Skalul w/ Said and Done, Black Haven, Hessian
31.10.2010 Germany, Dresden @ Chemiefabrik w/ Reason to Care, Way Down
30.10.2010 Germany, Forst @ Buntes Haus w/ Reason to Care, Way Down, The River Card, Shiner, White Fields
29.10.2010 Germany, Braunschweig @ Nexus w/ Reason to Care, Way Down
23.10.2010 Germany, Recklinghausen @ AKZ w/ Anchor, Just Went Black, Seed of Pain, Lighthouse
16.10.2010 UK, London @ ULU w/ Unbroken, Disembodied, Ceremony, Rot in Hell, Abolition
09.10.2010 Netherlands, Arnhem @ This is Europe Fest w/ No Turning Back, AYS, Deal With It, New Morality, ...
08.10.2010 Germany, Würzburg @ Cairo w/ Seed of Pain, Lighthouse
01.10.2010 Belgium, Herenthout @ 't Verschil - Midnight Souls-Release Show
25.09.2010 Belgium, Tournai @ Jukebox-Festival
18.09.2010 Belgium, Merksplas @ Ziggypop Fest w/ Rise and Fall, Midnight Souls, Millions of Them, ...
17.09.2010 France, Paris @ La Miroiterie
07.08.2010 Germany, Hannover @ The Rise Fest w/ Ruiner, Carpathian, Just Went Black, Goldust, ...
06.08.2010 Denmark, Fredericia @ Fredericia Hardcore Festival w/ Ruiner, Carpathian, ...
05.08.2010 Germany, Kiel @ Schaubude w/ Adorno
31.07.2010 Belgium, Mol @ Break Out Fest w/ Ruiner, Carpathian, No Turning Back, AYS, ...
24.07.2010 Germany, Köln @ Essigfabrik w/ Carpathian, Miles Away, Cruel Hand, Ruiner, ...
26.06.2010 Germany, Durmersheim @ New Noise Festival w/ No Turning Back, Glasses, Celeste, ...
25.06.2010 Germany, Montabaur @ Mach1-Festival w/ Sick Of It All, Wizo, Soulfly, Death by Stereo, ...
10.04.2010 Germany, Bremen @ G18 w/ Ills, Broken Teeth, Failed
09.04.2010 Germany, Berlin @ Subversiv w/ Ills, Dramamine, Ten Volt Shock
08.04.2010 Germany, Göttingen @ Juzi w/ Ills, Glasses
07.04.2010 Germany, Siegen @ Vortex w/ Ills, Sundowning, Worms Feed
06.04.2010 Czech Republic, Prague @ Klub 007 w/ Ills, Juggernaut, Slave Driver
05.04.2010 Germany, München @ Kafe Kult w/ Ills
04.04.2010 Austria, Wien @ Escape w/ Ills, Celeste
03.04.2010 Austria, Salzburg @ Denkmal w/ Ills, Lighthouse
02.04.2010 Switzerland, Luzern @ St. Michael Zentrum w/ Ills, Unveil
01.04.2010 Italy, Milano @ SGA w/ Ills, Novemberthird, Rise Above Dead
31.03.2010 Belgium, Kortrijk @ Pit's w/ Ills
28.03.2010 France, Dunkerque @ La Kalvaire w/ Ills, Fake Off, Call to Victory
27.03.2010 Belgium, Mechelen @ JC Metteko w/ Ills, Millions of Them, Oathbreaker
26.03.2010 Belgium, Turnhout @ JC Schorvoort w/ Ills, New Morality, Worms Feed, Fundamental
19.03.2010 Greece, Athens @ Lesxi Ypogeios w/ Rivals, Alfatec, ThoseXDays
06.12.2009 Netherlands, Utrecht @ ACU w/ Lords, The Hunger, Cornered
05.12.2009 Germany, Münster @ Lorenz-Süd w/ The Now-Denial, Goldust, Chuck Damage, Brin & Nes, The Phoenix Foundation
14.11.2009 Germany, Gießen @ Ak44 w/ Deny Everything, Annotation, Tackleberry, Escalation
13.11.2009 Germany, Neustadt an der Orla @ Exil w/ All for Nothing, Screwed Up, Chance to Rise
07.11.2009 Germany, Essen @ Café Nova / Angry Youth Fest w/ Rise and Fall, Iron Age, AYS, Lighthouse, Seed of Pain
06.11.2009 Germany, Aschaffenburg @ Katakombe w/ Lighthouse, Second Try, Once Upon a Time
10.10.2009 Germany, Essen @ Untergrund Club / Zero Mentality Release-Show w/ Last Mile
16.08.2009 UK, London @ Underworld w/ Carpathian, Brutality Will Prevail
15.08.2009 UK, Peterborough @ The Park w/ Carpathian, Brutality Will Prevail, Hang the Bastard
13.08.2009 UK, Glasgow @ Ivory Blacks w/ Carpathian, Brutality Will Prevail
12.08.2009 UK, Leeds @ Joseph's Well w/ Carpathian, Brutality Will Prevail
11.08.2009 UK, Birmingham @ The Swinging Sporran w/ Carpathian, Brutality Will Prevail
10.08.2009 UK, Southampton @ Hamptons w/ Carpathian, Brutality Will Prevail
09.08.2009 Germany, Kassel @ K19 w/ Carpathian, Anchor
08.08.2009 Germany, Leisnig @ Sucks'n'Summer w/ Carpathian, Anchor, Maroon, Madball, Black Friday 29…
07.08.2009 Belgium, Knokke-Heist @ Sunrock w/ Carpathian, Anchor, Maroon, Death Before Dishonour
06.08.2009 Germany, Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof w/ Carpathian, Anchor
05.08.2009 Germany, Sulzbach-Rosenberg @ Juz Hängematte w/ Carpathian, Anchor, AYS, The Effort
04.08.2009 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia w/ Carpathian, Anchor
03.08.2009 Germany, Gotha @ The Londoner w/ Carpathian, Anchor
02.08.2009 Germany, Bielefeld @ AJZ w/ Carpathian, Anchor, Patsy O’Hara, The Now-Denial
01.08.2009 Sweden, Stockholm @ Antifest w/ Carpathian, Anchor, Trial, Wait in Vain, ...
31.07.2009 Germany, Braunschweig @ B58 w/ Carpathian, Anchor
30.07.2009 Austria, Salzburg @ Rockhouse Bar w/ Carpathian, Anchor
29.07.2009 Italy, Lucinico (Gorizia) @ Pieffe Factory w/ Carpathian, Anchor
28.07.2009 Italy, Bologna @ Lazzaretto w/ Carpathian, Anchor
27.07.2009 France, Toulouse @ Le Saint des Seins w/ Carpathian, Anchor
26.07.2009 Netherlands, Arnhein @ The Stage w/ Carpathian, Anchor
25.07.2009 Germany, Köln @ Allschools Birthday Bash w/ Carpathian, Anchor, Goldust, Black Friday 29, Storm & Stress, AYS...
24.07.2009 Belgium, Maasmechelen @ Moshvalley Fest w/ Carpathian, Anchor, Death Is Not Glamorous, No Turning Back, ...
05.07.2009 Germany, Wangen @ Juze Tonne w/ Lighthouse
04.07.2009 Italy, La Spezia @ Feel Their Pain Fest w/ Lighthouse, Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Vulturum, ...
03.07.2009 Austria, Graz @ Café Prost w/ Lighthouse, Miles Away, Blkout, Fall Apart, Kid Poetry, The Plague Mass
02.07.2009 Czech Republic, Praha @ Futurum w/ Parkway Drive, Lighthouse, Abhorrence
22.05.2009 Germany, Jena @ Café Wagner w/ Make It Count, Famine, ...
16.05.2009 Belgium, Schaffen @ Rockfest w/ Norma Jean, Alesana, Silverstein, Horse the Band, Deez Nuts, Star Fucking Hipsters, ...
12.04.2009 Germany, Ibbenbüren @ Scheune w/ Black Friday 29
11.04.2009 UK, Chatham @ RAFA w/ You Lose!, Pay No Respect, ...
10.04.2009 UK, Birmingham @ Eddie's Rock Club
09.04.2009 UK, Leeds @ Joseph's Well w/ Almost Home
08.04.2009 UK, Norwich @ Marquee w/ Jealous, Almost Home
07.04.2009 Belgium, Kortrijk @ JH De Slekke w/ Oathbreaker, Fundamental
06.04.2009 Germany, Mannheim @ Juz w/ World Gone Mad, Finding Faith
05.04.2009 Switzerland, Luzern @ Gewerbehalle w/ Play to Destroy, Out of Step
04.04.2009 Austria, Höchst @ Juz Chillout w/ No End in Sight
03.04.2009 Italy, Vicenza @ Sabotage Bar
02.04.2009 Germany, Berchtesgaden @ Kuckucksnest w/ Let Me Out
01.04.2009 Austria, Wien @ Arena w/ Goldust, Attitude, Let Me Out
31.03.2009 Germany, Leipzig @ Schuppen w/ Seamy Side, CN Roundhouse Kick
30.03.2009 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia w/ Hoilkrampf, At Dagger's Drawn
29.03.2009 Germany, Neubrandenburg @ AJZ
28.03.2009 Denmark, Fredericia @ Ungdommens Hus
27.03.2009 Germany, Recklinghausen @ AKZ, Record-Release-Show w/ Sirens, Black Haven, Oathbreaker
17.01.2009 Germany, Wunstorf @ Wohnwelt, Empty Vision Farwell-Show w/ Just Went Black, Sirens
10.01.2009 Germany, Lichtenstein @ JZ Riot w/ No Turning Back, Unrestrained, Anchors Aweigh
09.01.2009 Germany, Oschersleben @ Alge w/ Way Down, The Lines We Cross
07.12.2008 Germany, Hamburg @ Rote Flora w/ Verse, Zann, Anchor, I Rise, Empty Vision
06.12.2008 Germany, Ibbenbüren @ JZ Scheune w/ Death Is Not Glamorous, Storm and Stress, Deny Everything, Mhz
05.12.2008 Germany, Essen @ Juz Papestr. w/ Verse, Anchor, I Rise, Terrorize Kids
15.11.2008 Belgium, Lommel @ JOC De Lommert w/ The Violet, Nuns Go Riot...
14.11.2008 Germany, Aschaffenburg @ Katakombe w/ Written, Lasting Traces
08.11.2008 Germany, Marburg @ Kfz / No Silence Fest w/ Tephra, Today Forever, More Than Ever
07.11.2008 Germany, Neuss @ Kontakt Erfttal w/ True Colors, Birds of a Feather, No Easy Run
25.10.2008 Germany, Essen @ Cafe Nova / Break Down the Walls Fest w/ Gold Kids, Dead Swans, Within Walls, Goldust, More Than Life, Grace...
18.10.2008 Germany, Konstanz @ Contrast w/ Union Town, More Than Ever, Turn Away
17.10.2008 Switzerland, Luzern @ Sedel w/ Union Town, Dead Verse
27.09.2008 Belgium, Izegem @ Ill Blood Fest w/ Paint It Black, Liar, Trash Talk, Oathbreaker, Deal With It, Dirty Money
20.09.2008 Germany, Weißwasser @ AJZ Garage w/ Built on Trust, Miles to Go, Time's Up
19.09.2008 Germany, Ennigerloh @ Juze w/ XGraceX, Coax, Without Words
23.08.2008 Germany, Wermelskirchen @ Heartcoretage w/ Just Went Black, Endzweck, ...
02.08.2008 UK, Bury St Edmunds @ Pot Black Snooker Club w/ Union Town, Forging Friendships
01.08.2008 UK, Thetford @ Thetford Sports w/ Forging Friendships
31.07.2008 Belgium, Berchem @ JH Eglantier w/ Black Haven, Daggers
27.07.2008 Germany, Wunstorf @ Wohnwelt/Café w/ Go for Broke, Kids of the Black Hole
26.07.2008 Germany, Leipzig @ Victor Jara w/ Black Friday 29, Still Screaming, Miles to Go, Power Rangers of Hardcore
19.07.2008 Belgium, Herk de Stad @ Rock Herk Fest w/ Amen Ra, Bane, Red Sparowes, Black Friday 29, Battles, ...
01.06.2008 Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang w/ Death Is Not Glamorous, Screwed Up
31.05.2008 Germany, Paderborn @ Sappho w/ Still Screaming
25.05.2008 Germany, Esslingen @ Komma w/ End of a Year, Storm and Stress
24.05.2008 Germany, Wangen @ Juze Tonne w/ Storm and Stress, Lighthouse
23.05.2008 Germany, Sulzbach-Rosenberg @ Juz Hängematte w/ Storm and Stress, Heartbreak Kid
22.05.2008 Belgium, Gent @ Frontline w/  Storm and Stress, Anchor, Kingdom
21.05.2008 Germany, Oelde @ Alte Post w/ Storm and Stress, Trainwreck, Patsy O Hara, Great Ape Project
11.05.2008 Germany, Mannheim @ Pfingstfest, Juz Mannheim w/ The Now-Denial, Zero Mentality, The Heartbreak Motel, Depressive State, ...
10.05.2008 Germany, München @ Orangehouse w/ Zero Mentality, The Heartbreak Motel
05.04.2008 Germany, Forst @ Buntes Haus w/ Zero Mentality, The Heartbreak Motel
04.04.2008 Germany, Salzwedel @ Hanseat w/ Zero Mentality, The Heartbreak Motel
08.03.2008 Germany, Karlsruhe @ Stadtmitte w/ Zero Mentality, The Heartbreak Motel, Goodbye Sweet Halo, Storm the Shore
07.03.2008 Germany, Essen @ Turock w/ Zero Mentality, The Heartbreak Motel, Burial
27.10.2007 Germany, Roßwein @ Jugendhaus / Blacktop Showcase w/ Endstand, Black Friday 29, Just Went Black, Within Walls, Lighthouse Project, Black Haven
26.10.2007 Germany, Ibbenbüren @ Scheune / Blacktop Showcase w/ Endstand, Black Friday 29, Just Went Black, Within Walls, Lighthouse Project, Black Haven
28.09.2007 Germany, Essen @ Café Nove w/ Empty Vision, Nothing to Hide, Break Through
08.09.2007 Germany, Duisburg @ Light In The Dark-Fest w/ Blacklisted, Rise and Fall, Black Haven, Another Year, ...
01.09.2007 Belgium, Tessenderlo @ Real Looi w/ The Setup, Losing Streak, ...
31.08.2007 Germany, Münster @ Baracke w/ Lighthouse Project, Black Haven
11.08.2007 Germany, Salzwedel @ Smack Festival w/ Born from Pain, Murphy's Law, Broilers, Smoke Blow, ...
04.08.2007 Finland, Tampere @ Vastavirta w/ Anchor, Satura Lanx
03.08.2007 Finland, Lappeenranta @ Husaari w/ Anchor, Satura Lanx, Turn the Tide
02.08.2007 Finland, Oulu @ Park 57 w/ Anchor, Satura Lanx
01.08.2007 Finland, Turku @ Tvo w/ Anchor, Satura Lanx
31.07.2007 Finland, Helsinki @ Factory w/ Anchor, Satura Lanx
27.07.2007 Italy, Milano @ Still Life Fest w/ To Kill, Set Your Goals, No Trigger, ...
26.07.2007 Switzerland, Zürich @ Dynamo
25.07.2007 Germany, Mannheim @ Juz w/ Kingdom, The Crane
20.07.2007 Czech Republic, Pilsen @ Fluff Fest w/ 108, Maroon, Final Fight, FC Five
19.07.2007 Germany, Hof @ Grüne Haidt w/ FC Five
18.07.2007 Belgium, Groot-Bijgaarden @ JK Paddestoel w/ Justice, FC Five
17.07.2007 UK, London @ Underworld w/ 25 Ta Life, FC Five, Honour Among Thieves
16.07.2007 UK, Stoke-on-Trent @ The Glebe w/ FC Five
13.07.2007 Belgium, Bruges @ Bargehuis w/ FC Five, No Recess
12.07.2007 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia w/ FC Five, The Weight
11.07.2007 Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang im Exil w/ FC Five, Out of Step
10.07.2007 Germany, Marburg @ KFZ w/ FC Five, Grace
09.07.2007 Germany, München @ Feierwerk w/ FC Five
08.07.2007 Austria, Wien @ Arena w/ Strike Anywhere, FC Five
07.07.2007 Italy, Grosseto @ Circolo Giuncarico w/ FC Five
06.07.2007 Italy, Faenza @ Capolinea w/ FC Five, Ban X This
05.07.2007 France, Sauvigny @ les Bois Salle de Fetes w/ FC Five
04.07.2007 France, Toulouse @ Le Caravan Serail w/ FC Five
03.07.2007 France, Paris @ La Perniche Alternat w/ FC Five
02.07.2007 Germany, Würzburg @ Immerhin w/ FC Five
01.07.2007 Germany, Grimma @ Skatepark
15.06.2007 Germany, Trier @ Summerblast-Festival w/ Zero Mentality etc etc etc
09.06.2007 Germany, Recklinghausen @ AKZ, Symphonies of Sickness-Festival w/ Teenage Angst, Goldust, ...
05.05.2007 Belgium, Tessenderlo @ JC Tessloo w/ Black Haven, Revolution Summer
04.05.2007 Belgium, Brugge @ Bargehuis w/ Black Haven, True Colors, Revolution Summer
28.04.2007 Germany, Ludwigshafen @ Unterführung w/ The Target, Watch Out, Snakecharmer, Fumbles in Life
27.04.2007 Germany, Paderborn @ Villa w/ Not Now Not Ever, Intruder
21.04.2007 Germany, München @ Keep it Evil-Festival w/ Justice, Restless Youth, Death Is Not Glamorous, Annotation
20.04.2007 Germany, Stuttgart @ Juha West w/ Annotation
14.04.2007 Sweden, Jönköping @ KFUM w/ Anchor
13.04.2007 Sweden, Gävle @ Intakto w/ Anchor, Meleeh
12.04.2007 Sweden, Västerås @ Mariaberget w/ Anchor
11.04.2007 Sweden, Örebro @ Folkets Hus w/ Anchor
10.04.2007 Norway, Stavanger @ Metropolis w/ Anchor, Ad Arma
09.04.2007 Sweden, Göteborg @ Fängelset w/ Anchor
08.04.2007 Denmark, Fredericia @ Ungdommens Hus w/ Anchor, Struggle Against
07.04.2007 Germany, Ibbenbüren @ Let It Ride-Festival w/ Black Friday 29, Death Is Not Glamorous, No Turning Back, Anchor, ...
06.04.2007 Italy, Senago-Milano @ Magik Club w/ Anchor, Pointing Finger, Hoods Up, Alone, Fumbles in Life
05.04.2007 Italy, Imola @ CS Peacemaker w/ Anchor, Regain the Shore, Revolution Summer
04.04.2007 Italy, Torino @ Soundfactory w/ Anchor
03.04.2007 Slovenia, Lasko @ SMOCL w/ Anchor
02.04.2007 Austria, Klagenfurt @ Proberaum w/ Anchor
01.04.2007 Austria, Wien @ Replugged w/ Anchor, Worlds Between Us
31.03.2007 Czech Republic, Prague @ Klub 007 w/ Anchor
30.03.2007 Germany, Kassel @ Barracuda Bar w/ Anchor, Grace
15.03.2007 Germany, Recklinghausen @ Sharky's w/ The Heartbreak Motel (Release-Show)
02.03.2007 Germany, Essen @ Julius Leber-Haus w/ Zero Mentality (Release-Show!), Black Friday 29, End of Days, Doomtown
16.02.2007 Germany, Esslingen @ Komma w/ Mad Mags, Fall Apart, Schazmann
10.02.2007 Germany, Wunstorf @ Wohnwelt w/ Watch Out, ...
03.02.2007 Germany, Rendsburg @ T-Stube w/ Empty Vision
12.01.2007 Germany, Bielefeld @ AJZ w/ Have Heart, Fucked Up, Not Now Not Ever
11.01.2007 Austria, Dornbirn @ Schlachthaus w/ Have Heart
10.01.2007 Switzerland, Solothurn @ Kofmehl w/ Have Heart
09.01.2007 Germany, Essen @ Zeche Carl w/ Have Heart
08.01.2007 UK, Folkestone @ The Stripes Club w/ Have Heart
07.01.2007 UK, London @ Underworld w/ Have Heart
06.01.2007 UK, Southend on Sea @ The Minerva w/ Have Heart
05.01.2007 UK, Birmingham @ The Market Tavern w/ Have Heart
04.01.2007 Belgium, Ham @ JH de Stip w/ Have Heart
03.01.2007 Germany, Bremen @ Schlachthof-Magazinkeller w/ Have Heart
02.01.2007 Sweden, Malmö @ Aktivitetshuset w/ Have Heart
01.01.2007 Germany, Berlin @ Knaack w/ Have Heart
31.12.2006 Germany, Rosswein @ Jugendhaus w/ Have Heart, Make It Count, Earthquake, Everything Counts
30.12.2006 Poland, Poznan @ Cafe Miesna
29.12.2006 Germany, Forst @ Buntes Haus w/ No Turning Back, Earthquake
22.12.2006 Germany, Recklinghausen @ Moondock (RE-Takeover) w/ The Heartbreak Motel, Daylight, ...
17.12.2006 Germany, Bielefeld @ Falkendom w/ Gather, To Kill
16.12.2006 Switzerland, Luzern @ Treibhaus, The Ice Age Is Coming Festival w/ No Turning Back, Rise and Fall, ...
02.12.2006 Austria, Dornbirn @ Café Schlachthaus w/ The Heartbreak Motell
18.11.2006 Germany, Arpke @ Jugendtreff w/ Ruiner, Empty Vision (Release-Show), Riotbeatshot, With Fire
11.11.2006 Germany, Bargstedt @ Oxym w/ Empty Vision, With Fire, Step by Step, New Fire Each Day
10.11.2006 Germany, Rotenburg Wümme @ Jugendzentrum w/ Maintain, Empty Vision, With Fire
31.10.2006 Germany, Ennigerloh @ Jugendzentrum w/ The Facts, Not Now Not Ever, In Order to Complain
28.10.2006 Germany, Versmold @ Lala-Haus w/ Just Went Black
14.10.2006 Germany, Essen @ Juz Papestraße w/ 108, Death Threat, Blacklisted, Rise and Fall, ...
16.09.2006 Germany, München @ Feierwerk w/ Shai Hulud, Remembering Never, Parkway Drive, The Blackout Argument
15.09.2006 Germany, Mainz @ Haus Mainusch w/ Watch Out
31.08.2006 Germany, Kassel @ Barracuda Bar w/ The Tangled Lines, Empty Vision, Not Now Not Ever
18.08.2006 Germany, Kiel @ Alte Meierei w/ Empty Vision, Not Now Not Ever
12.08.2006 Germany, Oelde @ Alte Post w/ Empty Vision, With Fire
11.08.2006 Germany, Düsseldorf @ AK 47 w/ Empty Vision, With Fire
10.08.2006 Germany, Lüdenscheid @ AZ w/ Empty Vision, With Fire
29.07.2006 Germany, Hanau @ AZ w/ So Far Away
28.07.2006 Austria, Dornbirn @ Birthdayparty
27.07.2006 Germany, Vaihingen @ Jugendhaus Abseits w/ Watch Out, Heartbreak Ridge
26.07.2006 Germany, Nürnberg @ Kunstverein w/ Claim the Crown
25.07.2006 Germany, Berlin @ Neue Berliner Initiative w/ Syn*Error, May
24.07.2006 Germany, Blankenburg @ Juz Roh
22.07.2006 Czech Republic, Rokycany @ Fluff Fest w/ Good Clean Fun, Rise and Fall, Teamkiller, Zann, ...
21.07.2006 Germany, Eisenach @ Sound & Culture w/ Good Clean Fun, Rise and Fall, Empty Vision
20.07.2006 Germany, Lichtenstein @ JZ Riot w/ Good Clean Fun, Just Went Black, Day of the Dead, Empty Vision
19.07.2006 Germany, Wangen @ Juze Tonne w/ The Suicide File, Nueva Etica
17.07.2006 Germany, Bremen @ Schlachthof-Magazinkeller w/ The Suicide File, Just Went Black, Day of the Dead
16.07.2006 Germany, Recklinghausen @ Sharky's w/ Just Went Black, Day of the Dead, With Fire
15.07.2006 Belgium, Kontich @ Lintfabriek w/ Just Went Black, Day of the Dead, ...
14.07.2006 Germany, Weimar @ Gerber 3 w/ Black Friday 29, Cheap Thrills, Something Inside
11.06.2006 Germany, Alfeld @ Juz Treff w/ Max Rebo Kids, Commando, Empty Vision
10.06.2006 Germany, Cottbus @ Muggefug w/ Max Rebo Kids, Icepick
09.06.2006 Germany, Ibbenbüren @ JZ Scheune, "Precious Times"-Release-Show w/ Max Rebo Kids, Commando, Empty Vision
04.06.2006 Germany, Mannheim @ Pfingstfest, Juz Mannheim w/ Bolz'n, Diavolo Rosso, Doomtown, Trainwreck, ...
03.06.2006 Germany, Voerde @ Stockumer Schule w/ Short Fuse, Sirens, Italian Stallion
21.04.2006 Germany, Bergkamen @ JZ Yellowstone w/ Jason
25.02.2006 Germany, Herten @ JZ Herten-Nord w/ Doomriders, November Coming Fire, Cheap Thrills, Alabama Roadstars
24.02.2006 Germany, Mülheim an der Ruhr @ AZ Mülheim w/ Trainwreck
11.02.2006 Germany, Bad Oeynhausen @ Haus der Jugend w/ The Swords, A Fine Boat That Coffin, Kill Kim Novak
10.02.2006 Germany, Ibbenbüren @ JZ Scheune w/ Modern Life Is War, Omission, Just Went Black, Sirens, The Lost Boys
06.02.2006 Germany, Bielefeld @ Falkendom w/ Modern Life Is War, Omission, Sirens
28.01.2006 Germany, Bremen @ Wehrschloss w/ Turmoil, Most Precious Blood, Commando
10.01.2006 Germany, Münster @ Baracke w/ Have Heart
26.12.2005 Germany, Bochum @ Zwischenfall w/ My Hero Died Today, Justice, Under Siege
02.12.2005 Germany, Oelde @ Alte Post w/ Empty Vision, Intruder
29.10.2005 Germany, Ennigerloh @ Jugendzentrum w/ Malkovich, The Facts, Cara a Cara
22.10.2005 Germany, Recklinghausen @ JZ Südpol w/ Just Went Black, Something Inside, The Kerosene Dance
15.10.2005 Germany, Esslingen @ Komma w/ The Facts, Jacqueline Hyde
14.10.2005 Switzerland, Davos @ Box Davos w/ The Facts, The Rapists
13.10.2005 Germany, Lichtenstein @ JZ Riot w/ The Facts, 86 Mentality, Something Inside
12.10.2005 Germany, Berlin @ Koma F w/ The Facts, Analena
11.10.2005 Germany, Leipzig @ G16 w/ The Facts, Dick Cheney, Rabid Grannies
10.10.2005 Poland, Poznan @ Café Miesna w/ The Facts
09.10.2005 Germany, Paderborn @ Multicult w/ The Facts
08.10.2005 Germany, Braunschweig @ Nexus w/ The Facts, Mönster
07.10.2005 Germany, Hannover @ Stumpf w/ The Facts, Lt. Mosh

Approaching Malmö on a morning in January 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's over

Last Saturday we played our last show. For sure it was a weird night for us, but it was definitely enjoyable. Thanks to everyone involved. We really do like Patsy O'Hara and The Bearer and we think the AKZ Recklinghausen is one of the coolest venues we've ever played in. And thanks to everyone for taking part, especially those who travelled a whole lot of kilometres to see the show. Ritual is over. Now it's all about doing new things.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Presale for our last show

Hi everyone,

we would like you to get a ticket for our last show. The procedure is pretty easy: Send a mail to, transfer the money and you'll be added to the guest list.
This show might sell out in advance, so you better use this opportunity.

See you at our farewell party!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waving goodbye

After seven years, several tours and records this is finally our last show ever. It takes place in our favourite venue, the AKZ Recklinghausen on September 29th, 2012 and to make it a sweet evening we've invited our friends in PATSY O'HARA. There is going to be more info up soon such as presale details and everything else. Feel free to share this event and let everyone know! Thanks.

For the facebook-eventpage click here!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Another new interview for

Here's another new interview for, finally another one in English:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Two new interviews

Here are two new interviews already discussing the break-up. The first one is in Portuguese, the second one in German. Sorry to our English speaking followers. Maybe you can try Google Translator. Sometimes it does a quite good job.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Things Must Pass

Dear friends,

seven years is a long time. After giving it a good thought we have decided to break up. Let's do without these cheesy last words. We don't think we need to explain how much this meant to us and why we were doing it. When we started this band, we were still teenagers. Now we feel this band is coming to a natural end and that's pretty much it, although it may sound too simple.

It goes without saying that all of us are continuing to play music. Julian started a new hardcore band as a guitarist and they already have the studio booked for this summer. Pascal's and Philipp's punk band Messer already puts out its first album »Im Schwindel« this May. And Deni jams around in Berlin with various people and drinks lots of whiskey. However, we are still friends and are following each other's musical activities with huge interest.

That being said, our summer tour with Verse and Soul Control is now our farewell tour. After the tour we're going to play one last show in Recklinghausen in September and then it's done. It'd be great to see many of you at these shows! We'd like to make it a cautious farewell.

Thank you for everything! It's been a joyful ride.

Julian, Deni, Pascal & Philipp (Spring 2012)