Wednesday, November 16, 2011

»What is sleep?«

Geoff Farina asked in an awesome Karate tune. This weekend I actually figured out the meaning of this question. We were on the road for three shows with Rise and Fall, Oathbreaker and Hessian, which was big fun, obviously. It's just that going out and driving home over night (ridiculous van breakdown inclusive) didn't really leave much time to sleep. But I mean I'm not complaining at all - this weekend was great. So we're more than psyched to continue the party next week, this time with our close friends in Patsy O'Hara. Just so you know: These shows will be our last German dates for a long time, so come out and bang your heads!

25.11.2011 Köln @ Aetherblissement w/ The Tourist
26.11.2011 Weimar @ Gerber 3 w/ Underparts, Cobretti
27.11.2011 Bremen @ G18 w/ Autistic Youth, Defect Defect

On another note, we hope to be able to announce something really awesome in the coming days. Be on the lookout!

And now for something completely different: Don't know if anyone of you is into house music, but I just have to post this amazing track. Enjoy!