Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 1

"Offen gesagt haben wir vor
weiterzumachen als Gescheiterte bisher
In Sachen Selbstverwirklichung
offensichtlich halten welche nicht soviel davon wie wir."

Blumfeld, 1994

It feels good to be back in our favourite studio. After making our way through all the snow we arrived in Oldenburg later than we had hoped. Therefore, we didn't expect this day to be very productive. When we came here to record "Beneath Aging Flesh and Bone" the complete first day was marked by impatience, cause all we managed to do was the drum soundcheck. However, today everything seemed different to those sessions that were also preluded by hectic songwriting and losing a bass player. Today we arrived relaxed, cracking jokes and having even more songs up our sleeves than we want to record.
But even apart from that recording goes pretty fast. We have just called it a day and only two songs are missing for the drums. Tomorrow morning we'll do these songs and then guitar is up next. The drums already sound massive even at this point of production.

Look at this lovely wall paper that has already inspired numerous bands.

We made this little campfire next to the drumset.

For the rest of the night we'll become slack as apparent in these pictures.

Let's have another chat tomorrow night.

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