Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Paper Skin"

We're excited to announce the title of our new album:

"Paper Skin".

We found this to be the best way to sum up what is happening on the record. It's coming out on all formats on May 3rd through Reflections Records, but we will already have some copies with us on our trip to Finland in the end of April. Preorders are going to be shipped in April as well.
Reflections Records is starting to take preorders in the middle of March, so that's in like two weeks and that's also when we're going to upload the two songs "Absolute Devotion" and "The Coldest Shoulder" to our soundcloud. So watch out for this! We're also going to play these two songs on the Reflections Records tour already.

The complete tracklist looks like this:

A1: The Great Decay
A2: Reaping Loneliness
A3: Dunkerque
A4: Distant Glance
A5: White Caskets
B1: The Coldest Shoulder
B2: Absolute Devotion
B3: This Shell Has Got a Soul Again
B4: Rusty Fingers Touching Nothing
B5: Pieces of Me

We'll keep you posted about everything. Also watch out for upcoming Reflections newsletters for more information. Until then, enjoy "The Roller" just like we do:

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