Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 6

"A perished relationship, a gift to the sea. I'm still searching the dirt for pieces of me. You could never give me what I need. I know it's hard to believe. We drift apart, we got lost in this city's sleeping streets. And I got rid of the dreams you had left inside of me."
from "Pieces of Me", the last song of our new album

This is a harmonium:
Since the tones are being produced by air, it sounds somewhat similar to an accordion. It was an urgent wish of ours to include this instrument on our new album. We love the sad, yet beautiful sound of it. That is exactly what we thought would fit to our new draft of hardcore.

I love classic synthesizer music like this:

but the harmonium sounds way more organic, for sure. But there's a bit of that spacy feeling in it, as well.

This is our last day at Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg and it's going to be a short day. When we finish the harmonium, we'll do a quick rough mix and then we'll leave to celebrate New Year's Eve with our friends at home. Being in the studio is a bit like being on tour. Once it's over, you're happy to go home and once you're home, you want to go back so badly.

This doesn't mean that our record is actually finished now. We will continue adding details to the sound in Robin's smaller studio in M√ľnster. We plan to invite some friends of ours to include their instruments, whereever it fits in.

To all our sisters and brothers, have a beautiful New Year! "May nothing but happiness come through your door", as Mogwai called one of their most beautiful songs in 1999. Speaking for us, we can't wait for 2011 to come. There are so many exciting things to happen: Our new record and shows, shows, shows, ...

See you all!

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