Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unbroken show this Saturday

We have waited for this day for a long time now: This Saturday we will be supporting UNBROKEN on their only European show in London. UNBROKEN was one of the bands that got us into hardcore and therefore has a special significance in our musical socialisation. Needless to say, we feel privileged to be invited to play this show.

If everything works as planned, we'll be able to pick up our new 7" "Kissing Pavement" at the Reflections headquarter in Tilburg on our way to Calais, so we might be able to sell this piece of vinyl in London for the very first time.

Having played circa 250 shows in the last five years we don't get nervous before shows that easily. This show is different. So if you're there, please support us and make us feel that everything's going to be fine.

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