Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May/June 2009 = Regeneration

It seems I'm beginning to neglect this blog. So what's going on with us? May and June are two lazy months it seems. Well, not really since everyone has to deal with his studies or work and since we are using this time for some other musical activities. Here's what's coming next:

The beginning of July will see us doing a short trip through Europe with our friends in LIGHTHOUSE from Augsburg. If you're not familiar with these lads, check them out at myspace.com/lighthousepunk. We'll be playing Prague together with PARKWAY DRIVE, then we're in Graz to play with KID POETRY and REWRITTEN and then we're in La Spezia, Italy to play at Feel Their Pain Fest. We are very happy to be able to support this animal rights benefit festival, since this is a matter that all of us attach a great importance to. Apart from that, there are a lot of other cool bands playing there, in particular GRAF ORLOCK and GHOSTLIMB.

At the end of July our tour with CARPATHIAN and ANCHOR kicks off.
Here are all the dates:

02.07.09 Czech Republic, Prague @ Futurum †
03.07.09 Austria, Graz @ Café Prost †
04.07.09 Italy, La Spezia @ Feel Their Pain Fest †
05.07.09 Germany, Wangen @ Juze Tonne †
24.07.09 Belgium, Maasmechelen @ Moshvalley Fest ♥
25.07.09 Germany, Köln @ Allschools Birthday Bash ♥
26.07.09 Netherlands, Arnhein @ The Stage ♥
27.07.09 France, Toulouse @ Le Saint des Seins ♥
28.07.09 Italy, Bologna @ Lazzaretto ♥
29.07.09 Italy, Lucinico (Gorizia) @ Pieffe Factory ♥
30.07.09 Austria, Salzburg @ Rockhouse Bar ♥
31.07.09 Germany, Braunschweig @ B58 ♥
01.08.09 Sweden, Stockholm @ Antifest ♥
02.08.09 Germany, Bielefeld @ AJZ ♥
03.08.09 Germany, Gotha @ The Londoner ♥
04.08.09 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia ♥
05.08.09 Germany, Sulzbach-Rosenberg @ Juz Hängematte ♥
06.08.09 Germany, Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof ♥
07.08.09 Belgium, Knokke-Heist @ Sunrock ♥
08.08.09 Germany, Leisnig @ Sucks'n'Summer ♥
09.08.09 Germany, Kassel @ K19 ♥
10.08.09 UK, Southampton @ Hamptons *
11.08.09 UK, Birmingham @ The Swinging Sporran *
12.08.09 UK, Leeds @ Joseph's Well *
13.08.09 UK, Glasgow @ Ivory Blacks *
14.08.09 UK, Reading @ Face Bar *
15.08.09 UK, Peterborough @ The Park *
16.08.09 UK, London @ Underworld *


After this tour we will slow down a bit. An Ireland trip is planned for some time in autumn and a few weekend shows, as well. But most booking requests will not be accepted, because we slowly want to start writing new songs then. But now is not the time to think about those things.

Have a good time and take care of yourself.

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