Monday, January 12, 2009

New band member

For personal reasons we are parting ways with our bass player Kevin Scharf, a longtime friend and founding member of Ritual. We want to thank him for the incredibly good times we shared. We sincerely hope to remain friends and wish him all the best for his future from the bottom of our hearts.

Pascal Wagner, who has played with us since October 2008 as a fill-in bass player, is now a fulltime member of Ritual. We are friends with him since forever and have already had some other musical projects with him, so it was just a logical step to make him a member of this band. He's not only a very talented musician, but also a lovely person with an appropriate attitude. Meet him & love him!

2009 will be a very busy year for Ritual. I heard someone say that this will be the best year in our lives (I guess that someone was me). We have a new record and some tours coming up. No doubt, we are maximum siked. And most important: Ritual is still based on the deepest of friendships.

Ritual 2009

Julian, Deni, Pascal & Philipp.

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